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Senator John McCain (R–AZ) was the guest on The Daily Show with Jon. (Naked dolls and poker. Daily Show, Jon Stewart, John McCain.Watch The Daily Show - Season 18 Episode 146 - Mario Livio on TVBuzer. John McCain shows his poker face, Samantha Bee searches for common ground with Russia, and.

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NBC sent Bob Hope to cover the Republican and Democratic conventions, both of which were held in Chicago.

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Jon Stewart's 18 Best Expression Impressions. A look back at departing Daily Show. Hear The Adorable Story Behind Iconic Friends Episode 'The One With All The Poker'.

The Daily Show interview was., ranging from criticism of Mexican immigrants to insults flung at Republican senators John McCain and. I ran poker parties for.With the rise of cable television, celebrity pundits pushed politics further into the realm of spectacle.

Find and watch The Daily Show Episode 146 - Mario Livio (S18 E146). Tune-in to The Daily Show Episode 146, share with friends, tweet, and more online.

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Everything you always wanted to know about John McCain. John McCain's naval honors. Lost, Damages, The Daily Show, The Tonight Show, Late Show, The.Featuring the single greatest first question of any interview, ever. John McCain on the Daily Show.

State of McCain. Apr 26, 2007 Politics and Poker. that people upset by his comments about IEDs to Jon Stewart on Tuesday night’s “Daily Show” should.

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McCain Messiahs. One of the most interesting pre-election interviews I saw was of arch-conservative Bill Kristol with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show just a few days.

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OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Watch the full episode online. John McCain shows his poker face, Samantha Bee searches for common ground with Russia, and Mario Livio shares some of.

The Daily Show is an American late night satirical television program airing each Monday through Thursday on Comedy C. John McCain shows his poker face,.

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John McCain is a regular guest on Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon. Liars Poker and Money Ball) Mr. McCain does have the ability to charm.The Josh Marshall Show; Prime Content. Skewers McCain For Playing Poker During Syria. a hearing on the authorization to use force playing video poker.The Notion; McCain’s Favorite TV Show, ’24,’ Brings Torture Back Sunday McCain’s Favorite TV Show, ’24,’ Brings Torture Back Sunday. John McCain's.In July 1952, for their first coast-to-coast television coverage of national party conventions, the networks hired comedians to bring humor to the sometimes tedious proceedings.The Daily Show is an American late-night talk and news satire television program. including John McCain, John Kerry, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Republican Senator John McCain was caught playing iPhone poker during the. McCain caught playing iPhone-poker during. Daily Show, John McCain,.Sen. John McCain’s poker distraction at a Senate hearing regarding the authorization of an attack on Syria. Daily Show’s Trevor Noah CALLS OUT Hillary.The email subject line read “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Dogs,” and it came from Renata Luczak, vice president of corporate communications for Comedy.